Coconut butter (the easiest recipe ever)

My summers been pretty great so far. I took a pre college program at the university of Maryland called Terp young scholars. I took a psychology class that was normally taken in a whole semester in 3 weeks! It was a crazy amount of work, but it was fun any since I met a bunch of friends and I experienced college life for the first time. I met people from all over the US including Chicago, so that was pretty cool! What have you guys been doing this summer? You can reply in the comments 😊.

I just got home a few weeks ago and I’ve been cooking nonstop. Just ask my mom if she’s happy about it lol. (She doesn’t like the kitchen messy). I always end up cleaning the mess anyway though. But sometimes, I just don’t want a big mess. I want something easy and delicious that doesn’t really involve much skill, cleaning up, or time. And I know plenty of other people want any easy snack too! So that’s why I’m sharing how to make coconut butter. 

Coconut butter is super healthy. A. Superfood! It contains coconut meat and fat. In hot temperatures it is liquid but in cooler temperatures it is a solid. The reason it is so healthy is that it contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which have Lauric acid in them. Because of the Lauric acid, coconut butter can protect against viral infections. So just by consuming coconut butter your are protecting yourself from getting sick which is especially helpful in the winter when everyone is getting colds! Also MCT’s in general are shown to raise the metabolism and increase fat-burn. Who wouldn’t want that? Coconut butter also contains 4 grams of fiber in just 2 tbsps, as well as small amounts of potassium and iron. 

And besides all the nutritional benefits of coconut butter it is completely delicious. All coconut lovers will LOVE coconut butter. It can be eaten as a snack by itself, or mixed in with cooked and chopped, or mashed fruit (I love it with applesauce, cooked chopped apples or cooked chopped blueberries!) Sometimes for dessert I will also mix in a tiny bit of maple syrup (about 1/2 tsp) and vanilla extract (1/16-1/8 tsp) along with the chopped cooked apples (they should be soft). This is one of my favorite deserts and it’s very healthy considering there is only about 2 g of added sugar from the maple syrup! 

This recipe is soooo simple! All u do is grind up coconut flakes in a food processor for about 10 minutes, wiping down the sides every few minutes to achieve a smooth texture. U can add some vanilla and salt if u would like but I usually just leave it plain. 

Coconut butter has so many uses! To make a healthy frozen bar, you can coat a piece of fruit with it and put it in the freezer. It will form a hard shell on the fruit to make a frozen dessert! You can also mix it with veggies, use it as a thickener or for some coconut flavor in soups, use it as a replacement for nut butter in recipes and much more!!!

So now I’ll provide the process below. I hope you enjoy coconut butter as much as I do! 


  1. Unsweetened raw unsulfured coconut flakes (I use bob’s red mill)(I use one 15 oz pack)
  2. Optional: salt, vanilla, cinnamon (to taste)


  1. Pour the coconut flakes in a large food processor. 
  2. Turn on food processor and every few minutes mix it up and push down the flakes from the side.
  3. After about 10 minutes it should be completely liquid and smooth (not too grainy). You can continue to process if you would like it slightly smoother.
  4. Store in a mason jar or other container in pantry.

THATS IT! Easy peasy!! Enjoy the coconut butter!!

*if it becomes solid (at temperatures below 70 degrees F) then just place it in a bowl of warm water or microwave on a low setting (without the metal top of course!👍🏻)


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